Enlightened Data

Building better QSR brands

Our Story

Branding doesn’t just happen;
customer connections must be built.

We were frustrated with industry experts’ “Shotgun blast “approach to advertising and their “best guess” as to what pull-through by customer target they were being achieved.

The customer demographic data they used to manage our marketing campaigns was several quarters old, inaccurate, and overpriced.

We started asking critical questions.

How do you optimize brand marketing campaigns without knowing who’s buying your products?

How do you manage Brand resource expenditure without accurate customer measurements?

With that in mind, we decided to buck the status quo and build our world-class solutions.

The Challenge

Profit is in the margins;
skillfully connecting with demographics you don't have.

– Brick-and-mortar customer insights were limited at best to viewer and panel data.

– Cluttered loyalty and credit card data that provides a rough estimate of 20-25% of the actual in-store customers’ demographic insights yet does not promote any relationship between resource expenditures to gain or grow customer base.

– Traditional and Digital advertising avenues provide resources to enhance consumer targeting yet are limited.

No direct causal relationship tool was established in the marketplace that measures the exact customer demographics combined with the advertising platform targeting, advertising affidavits, and resource expenditures.

Our Process

Our process enables an accurate, clear and precise reflection of who the customer(s) are, what they buy, when they buy, and for how much with an 97% accuracy rate. These data sets can inform everything else the QSR and Fast Casual brand does from a Marcom, taste & trends adoption, advertising and operational perspective while mitigating resource waste.

The system and process enables accurate near real-time data that can be immediately actionable. This is not a quarter by quarter or monthly look back through regression or other layered data from outside resources, rather a real reflection of the Brand customer almost as it happens.

Deploying enlightened data is quick, easy and can transform actionable data into real results in as quickly as two weeks.

Building Customer Connections

We are not going to give you data...we do the work.

In-Store Customer Measurements

Brand Improvement

Reward Programs


Signage, Website & App


Resource Optimization

Online, Data Gathering & Social

Let's grow together

Our team

Jim Talbot

Jim is an international executive with a wealth of experience launching new products and improving operations in fast-growth technology and Fortune 500 Companies. He has extensive experience bringing disruptive technologies to market globally in defense, finance, retail, security industries.

Prior to Enlightened Data, Mr. Talbot served as the CEO of Ionit Technologies Inc. for 14 years. During his tenure, he built Ionit into an industry leader known for innovative technologies in video compression, data management and video analytics. His global perspective enabled the company to make several international acquisitions and long-term strategic partnerships. Clients included American Airlines, Boeing, Department of Defense, Northrop Grumman, Southwest Airlines, US Steel, and Walgreens.

Mr. Talbot was a Managing Director at Credit Suisse where he spent seven years in international management positions.

Mr. Talbot is a Miami University graduate with BA degrees in Finance and Economics.

Andrew Rose-Rankin

A disciplined optimizer, Andrew leads operationally sound, visually compelling, brand-centric technology solutions to grow startups and serve clients with a unique collaboration of growing reach, exposure and online market share. Pulling from his decade-long experience as a CEO, Andrew understands the intricacies of organizations and how to fine-tune them with a combination of creativity and data. He focuses on private equity, venture capital, franchise, retail services, security and e-commerce and is a competent bilingual strategist for companies serving English- and Spanish-speaking markets.